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Welcome to Real Estate Property Buyers and Investors we are worldwide entity of investors located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Do you need to sell your house quickly? Are you facing foreclosure? Does your house need a ton of repairs? Have you been transferred? Are you divorcing? Are you behind on payments? Have you had enough of bad tenants?

We buy houses from people in many situations, situations like yours in any area and price range.  We can help you with the challenges you are facing by buying your house quickly. With our expertise and assistance we more then happy to assist you.

*No open houses neccessary

*Quick cash offer

*Sell "AS IS" no repairs needed

*No commissions

*We handle all paperwork

*Close Quickly

*We pay the costs-No Fees

Who pays all the costs, escrow fees/lawyer fees, titles and such?






How are you different from listing with a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agents list properties. I buy houses. Real Estate Agents charge you a commission to sell your property with no guarantee that they can sell your home. They cant guarantee how much your home will sell for. In addition the average sell takes months.

Do I have to make repairs to my home?

No. We buy houses "AS IS". No repairs needed saving you money. I offer within 24-48 hours. Even if it is vacant, tenant, occupied, ugly, pretty, in foreclosure, it doesn't matter!

Do you pay what my home is worth?

Remember there are ZERO Realestate Agents commission, repair cost, holding cost or stress about the sale of your home. I am a local, independent professional real estate buyer who is dedicated in making you a fast cash offer that will be beneficial for both of us. I am committed to providing you the fastest possible stress free-sale.

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